As a pet lover, I recognized the need for a professional dog walking business that would focus on providing the highest quality of care to enrich the lives of pets and their owners.

Just Pawing Around strives to be the leader in dog walking in Kamloops providing dog walking services and safety because I know happy dogs mean happy owners.

I am trained, bonded, insured and have my Dogsafe Canine First Aid Certification.  My high standards of safety can give peace of mind to the client, knowing their dog is getting the care they deserve.

I am a Dog Tec Certified Dog Walker.  As a certified dog walker I have passed a hands-on practical exam which includes walking multiple dogs in challenging situations while demonstrating the ability to maintain voice and leash control, keep the dogs safe and ensure every dog in my care is having a great time.  I have passed comprehensive written exam, in which I had to show a high level of understanding in dog behavior, theory, pack management and reading dog body language.  I had to pledge to use only humane training approaches and adhere to ethical business practices.

Time with someone who is attuned to your pet's needs and educated in canine behaviors.

Just Pawing Around treated my precious little Fluffy with all the care and attention you could ever ask for!

The workout your dog  needs in order to be healthy and happy.

What to Expect

About Me

A First Aid Trained Dog Walker to insure the best care for your four-legged friend.